Mr.Leaves Electronics and Networking Inc. 是一家于2021年10月在Incorporate Canada注册的加拿大企业. 我们专注于工作站和服务器的解决方案,以及高端家用网络和中小企业的网络构架的方案。与此同时,我们还提供游戏服务器代挂等服务。我们的办公地点在Yonge和Finch交界处附近(具体请详询)。本站仅作公司博客,以提供相关案例或者公司信息。


Mr.Leaves Electronics and Networking Inc. is a Canadian Company registered with Incorporate Canada. The company was founded in October 2021 in Toronto Ontario. We focus on Workstation and Server solutions, as well as networking solutions for luxury homes and small/medium businesses. Meanwhile, we also provides game server hosting service etc. Our office location is near the intersection of Yonge St. and Finch Ave (Contact for detail address). This site is used as Company Blog to provide referencing cases and company updates.

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